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Champagne for Dessert..?

After all the Holiday celebrations, you might have an extra bottle of Champagne in the cooler. Use that bottle and incorporate it in desserts. Take a look at Chef Josh’s blog post about the Origins of Champagne, it will give you a good understanding about where it comes from. Champagne is a popular wine and also a hell of a flavor. Champagne has a natural acidity and does wonders for cream, cheese, and butter! The natural heaviness of dairy products help balance out that acidity. Think about all the dairy based desserts in the world from cheesecakes, panna cotta, mousses, cakes, cookies, etc. Fruit based desserts are great too! There are a lot of options out there to incorporate Champagne with desserts but just remember to have fun with it and keep it light.

-Chef Kathleen Kenney

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