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Healthier Eating Habits for the New Year

The year 2020 has ended, finally. Now 2021 is here which gives everyone a chance for New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions usually consist of working out, losing weight, and eating healthier. Most of these resolutions fall short of turning into lifelong commitments. So, how is one supposed to keep up on healthy eating? Good question, hopefully these answers help.

Eating healthy does not mean giving up all the bad foods. Many times, portion control is key but also adapting the menu can help. Instead of a traditional pizza, consider a cauliflower crust. Choosing lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and fish are better choices than a fatty ribeye steak. Grains like quinoa, barley, and farro are a very good choice when it comes to adding healthy nutrients but also providing plenty of variety. Or, just simply eating brown rice instead of white rice even helps. Substituting veggie options such as cauliflower, zucchini, or palm hearts for things like pasta or rice can help increase vegetable consumption. Eating healthy is not a sprint, its more of a marathon.

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